Wisdom of the North
Aus der Edda

From the so-called Edda Sćmundar, 19. Stanza.
The Völuspá (Icelandic or Old Norse = prediction) is the first of the 16 songs for gods
in the „King's book“ (Codex Regius) and was probably written 1000 years ago.

The texts show how people were connected with nature and their reverence for creation.
Many pearls of wisdom from that time are still valid today.

In the Nordic story of creation the original elements are ice and fire.
The encounter of these two elements created a primordial, a hermaphrodite.

Central symbol in the world understanding of the Nordic peoples is a tree
named Yggdrasil. This tree is lined with many stories. The rich visual language explains the past, present and future, the development and destiny of man.

Similar to the famous fairy tale, many of these stories paraphrases internal mental processes of humans and often had an educational purpose.

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Translated from German 24.08.2012